FATE Of The Galaxy Character Sheets

Did these up for Craig Hatler and his FATE Of The Galaxy game; I’ve attached the .PSD so you can modify it for your own game.

  • I used many ‘High Tech’ brushes from some amazing artists on DeviantArt: Obsidian Dawn, Next View Designs, IHEA and Marvin Ristau
  • The main font used is Arkitect. I also used Orator Std whenever a small font was needed
  • Powered by FATE logo is property of Evil Hat
  • Star Wars is property of Disney
  • I found the generic space-opera background on the Internet; tried chasing it down to the source but I couldn’t – if you know who created it or what the proper license is please let me know

“Generic” Space Opera sheet (with star/jump gate background):

FATE Galaxy Character Sheet Generic

Version with the Star Wars Collage:

FATE Galaxy Character Sheet Star Wars

Clean. White & Bright:

FATE Galaxy Character Sheet Blank

Or, download the PSD and modify to your heart’s content:

In Photoshop CS5 Format

Drop me a line and a link if you end up using it in your games and let me know what improvements and changes you would make!


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